Rates vary by season, and may also be changed or adjusted based on events here in Washington.  Rates also vary by room selection, since each room is individually decorated.  The rate information below is somewhat general; please click the "Make a Reservation Now" link for specific room availability and rates, or call us 877-893-3233 or 202-328-3510

Zora Neale Hurston and
Langston Hughes Suites:     $190-285

Romance and
Walter Mosley Suites:     $165-235

Toni Morrison and
Modern Classics Rooms:     $150-205

Inspiration Suite:     $175-235

Poetry Suite:     $195-235


Our rates are seasonal, and subject to change for special events.  Minimum stays, especially in the Spring and Fall, may be required.  Please click "Make a Reservation Now" or call 877.893.3233 for specific rates and availability.